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Longstem Jewelry Organizer

The longstem jewelry organizer holder is an amazing piece of hardware! It is 6, 000ruler capacity and can store 6 longstems at once. It is also adjustable to fit any door size. This organizer is sure to keep your longstems organized and looking perfect.

Long Stem Over The Door Jewelry Organizer

If you’re looking for a way to keep your door jewelry organized and in one place, the long stem over the door jewelry organizer might be a good option for you! This organizer features a long stem that is perfect for holding door with a single item. It also includes a few keychains and charms that will make your door jewelry more efficiently and easily accessible.

Longstem Overdoor Jewelry Organizer

This is a great organizer for your jewelry. It is adjustable to fit most neck sizes, and comes with a variety of straps and clips to keep everything in place. The overdoor design ensures that there is never a moment's worry that your jewelry will go missing. this beautiful longstem overthe door wall jewelry organizer is perfect for holding all your jewelry when you go outside! The bronze color is beautiful and will make a great addition to your home office. this organizer is perfect for keeping your jewelry safe and organized. It is 710 bronze, and over the door style, making it perfect for your home. The organizer has a handy rack that can hold all of your jewelry, in a never ending one handed fit. This longstem jewelry organizer is perfect for any keepake jewelry set or any other small jewelry collection. looking for a way to keep your jewelry closed and organized? this longstem jewelry organizer is perfect for doing just that! Made from durable plastic, this organizer contains all of the supplies you need to keep your jewelry together, and can hold a 3-inch round crystal long stem. Whether you're looking for a gift or just need a place to store your jewelry, this is the perfect place to go!